Sunday, March 20, 2005

More Rich Internet Application Frameworks (2)

I like irony and coincidence. I like it even more when the two come together.

At the beginning of this year I wrote that a MVP award and a GMail account had provided a good start, but that their benefits still had to be determined. Last Friday I received a MVP related message in my gmail account which came with the following sponsored link:
Longhorn Can Wait - Learn to build the future now with the open source Laszlo platform.

I had not heard about Laszlo before, but it turns out to be another rich internet application platform. It uses its own XML document structure in combination with JavaScript and XPath, which at first sight looks pretty intuitive and powerful. A Java backend compile the Laszlo XML documents into Flash 5+ compatible SWF files that can be displayed in any browser that supports Flash plug-ins. It seems that other display formats could be targeted by the backend, but so far Flash is the only option. I guess XAML/Avalon would be a conceivable option once Longhorn is out.

Laszlo is open source, released under the Common Public License, which allows use in commercial products. Tool support is available as an Eclipse plug-in. For more info and demos see

Synergy or what?


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