Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Debugging With... VS2005 and TestDriven .NET

I'm rewriting some messaging code from scratch using a strict test-first approach to test-drive some XP practices and a number of (fairly) new technologies:
My first impressions are pretty positive. Everything works together nicely so far. One of my favourite features is the "Test with... Debugging" option to debug code from an arbitrary test within VS.NET. That is, once I got it to work.

I initially created a project in Visual C# express and subsequently upgraded to VS.NET 2005 Beta 1 with Tech Refresh. When I then tried to debug the project I got the following error:
One or more projects in the solution do not contain user code and cannot be debugged with "Just my code setting" enabled". Make sure that all projects in your solution are configured to be built in Debug mode.

To suppress this message from appearing in the future, disable 'Warn if no user code on launch' in the debugger options page. To prevent the debugger running in 'Just My Code' mode, turn off 'Enable Just My Code' setting in the debugger options page.
Turning off both 'Just My Code' flags in the debugger options page indeed got rid of the warning, but my debugging breakpoints never were hit. The important clue in the warning turned out to be the "Make sure that all projects in your solution are configured to be built in Debug mode" sentence. The advanced build settings (project properties|Build Tab|Output group|Advanced button) specifies the debug info to be generated during builds. Somehow this setting was set to None, and changing it to Full solved all my debugging problems.


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