Sunday, June 13, 2004


There you go, I have launched into blogosphere. The process of commenting on other people's posts was painful enough to take the hurdle of getting a blog running with the fairly limited means I have available right now.

I intend to write about and comment on my technical topics of interest: software architecture, ranging from business solution design (including buzzword topics such as business process analysis/modelling and service orientation, the cloudy part of this blog) to component design and implementation (the muddy part). Since obtaining my Chemical Engineering degree in 1995 I have mostly spent my time coding, designing, troubleshooting and consulting on Microsoft technology based systems, so the muddy posts will be Microsoft coloured.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome... I started myself just a few days ago!

Love the name - very witty and metaphorical.

- Arvindra Sehmi

Wed Jul 07, 08:39:00 am BST  

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